Pamela Testa



Pamela Testa (b. 1980) is a self-taught photographer living and working in Abruzzo, Italy.
She graduated in Japanese Language, Art and Culture at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and her images are in some ways inspired by Japanese traditional culture and aesthetic. Her works are permeated by what in Japanese is called “Mono no Aware”, a Japanese expression that literally is translated as “the pathos of things”, meaning that the beauty of things is in their impermanence.
She focuses on the creation of an ongoing photographic commentary about the relationship between humans and their environment, being interested in the passing of time and in how it affects memories and socio-economical issues.
She practices with different photographic medium such as instant film, analog and digital cameras.


2017 – “A Quiet Place to Live” Photo Book
Design by Piergiorgio Italiano, Black, blue and red Risograph print, soft cover
Edition of 50, Published by Barracuda, Milan (Italy)

2014 – Fantasmi Contemporanei – Paradossi dell’indipendenza curated by Raffaella Tenaglia, Art Café Rossini, Faenza (Italy)

2019 – Too Tired Project, Leica 6×7 Gallery, Warsaw (Poland)
2019 – Smart as Photography – Be an Artist today! Zephyr – Raum für Fotografie, Mannheim (Germany)
2018 –  Dei Nuovi Confini della Fotografia, Milano Photo Week, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (Italy)
2018 – Polaroid Online Gallery by OURS Photography Magazine
2018 – “Wintertime” Online Group Exhibition on Don’t Take Pictures
2017 – Fahrenheit39 Festival, (European Graphic Design and Publishing Festival) Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna (Italy)
2017 – Portfolio Online, Fotografia Europea. Circuito Off
2017 – (Con)fusioni. Inusuale mostra sull’incompiuto, Locali dell’Auditorium Diocleziano, Lanciano (Italy)
2015 – Self-portrait. Autoritratti al femminile, La Feltrinelli, Pescara (Italy)
2013 – FrameByFrame. Mostra fotografica collettiva ispirata al cinema, in Settimo Senso Festival, Aurum, Pescara (Italy)
2013 – (Con)fusioni. Inusuale mostra sull’incompiuto, Locali dell’Auditorium Diocleziano, Lanciano (Italy)
2012 – Lo sguardo degli altri. Gli altri siamo noi, (European Month of Photography) Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Berlin (Germany)
2012 – FrameByFrame. Mostra fotografica collettiva ispirata al cinema, in Settimo Senso Festival, Aurum, Pescara (Italy)
2011 – My vision of an Instant, (Collective exhibition of instant films) Bric à Brac Bar, Paris (France)
2011 – Nanowriters meet Polaroiders. Scrivi una pola in 10 parole, Mostra collettiva di fotografia istantanea
Villa Usignolo, Sarezzo (Italy)
1° Mostra mercato foto dell’Appennino Modenese, Fanano (Italy)
Living Lab, Varese (Italy)
2011 – (Con)fusioni. Inusuale evento di opere incompiute e sfocate, Locali dell’Auditorium Diocleziano, Lanciano (Italy)
2011 – Polaroiders@Artefiera Off. Mostra collettiva di fotografia istantanea, Spazi espositivi dell’Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna (Italy)
2010 – (Con)fusioni. Mostra fotografica collettiva sul soggetto mosso e sfocato, Caffè Letterario “P. Barberini”, Pescara (Italy)